The Florida Keys & Key West

Project: Affinity marketing campaign in association with Visa Nationwide

Target Audience:

UK consumers, primarily ABC1s with good disposable income 

Key objectives:

  • To raise awareness – and brand exposure – of The Florida Keys & Key West to an audience comprised largely of UK consumers
  • To generate and collate a new database of consumer information with the ultimate aim of generating increased bookings for the destination.

Key challenges:

Our minimal budget, which was just USD $5,000.

What we did:

  • As result of our extensive research and network of contacts we managed to secure a tie in with the bank Nationwide, whose customer base we identified as being perfect for our needs
  • We then devised an affinity marketing campaign in partnership with Nationwide using an App it had specially created for use in presenting targeted, exclusive offers to a database of users who had chosen to ‘opt in’
  • We also brought onboard a tour operator partner, Travelplanners, to work with on the campaign and respond to and fulfil the travel enquiries generated by the campaign.
  • To generate a buzz and garner interest around the targeted information and exclusive offers we created on for the mobile app for FK&KW we ran a competition in association with Travelplanners. In addition to being in with the chance of winning a  dream holiday to the Florida Keys we offered money off vouchers off Florida Keys holidays worth from £100 to £500
  • Axis took firm control of all the creative artwork and copy to ensure the key messaging remained allied to with both our brand and that of our client.

Results achieved:

  • The multi-channel campaign ran for seven weeks from December 2015 to February 2016 across the app as well as online and across social media;
  • It incorporated a series of four email blasts which were sent to a combined total of 2.1 million consumers;
  • 59% of the 2.1million consumers on the Nationwide Simply Rewards database interacted with our client the Florida Keys over the seven-week term of the campaign, making it the most successful contest ever run with Nationwide;
  • 82,574 consumers entered the competition.
  • Our chosen tour operator partner Travelplanners recorded 50 holiday bookings to the Florida Keys over the period from clients using the money off vouchers offered on the app and forecast a total of 300 holiday sales in 2016 as a direct result of the campaign and a further 300 in 2017

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