Virtual Events

Tourism Nova Scotia

Project:  Engaging with travel trade during challenging times.

Target Audience:

UK tour operators and travel agents.

Key objectives:

  • To keep a footprint in market when physical activities were not possible.
  • To show support and solidarity to the travel industry.

Key challenges:

Keeping engagement in a zoom fatigued world.

What we did:

  • During Covid-19 we with our client to update all content available to industry and streamlined processes.  Part of this project included the creation of VR video content showcasing six different areas and themes in Nova Scotia, including Burntcoat Head, Lunenburg, Peggys Cove, Tidal Bore Rafting, Halifax and the Wine Valley region.  To view the content we created flatpack VR headsets.  Easy and cost effective to mail out, and brings the VR experience to life.

  • Once we had this beautifully crafted content, we needed a way to get it out to the travel trade industry.   Axis brainstormed, and identified that as we are in lockdown, children are being home-schooled, parents (and kids) are climbing the walls, so we thought what better way than to organise a fun and educational “Bring Your Kids to Nova Scotia” virtual event.

  • Working with a media publication to drive awareness of the event, we created a running order that included interviews with people on the ground in Nova Scotia, as well as an interview with a specialist on fossils, high tides and whale species – to engage with the kids!

  • We created all promotional material including HTML, website banners as well as running order for the event.

Results achieved:

  • 855 travel industry views of the video - with the majority being on the day it went live.
  • 350 competition entries from engaged travel agents and tour operators.

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