Crisis Communications


Axis are the perfect solution to call upon in times of crisis.  Having gone through political unrest in Thailand, with one of our hotel clients, we had to rebuild our tourism campaign in conjunction with the national tourist office to ensure that the right message was delivered to the UK media.

If Thailand wasn't enough, we also suffered with one of our clients during the Swine Flu epidemic. When all three charters pulled out of Cancun, we knew we had a big problem on our hands. We had to ensure we delivered the correct information in a timely manner and responded to all enquiries either by the media or by consumers concerned about travel. By communicating the right message and implementing a strong PR campaign, we achieved minimal disruption to the destination.

We are always available no matter what time, day or night, to ensure that our clients brand and country image never suffers. We monitor the news and report back regularly on in-market intelligence. Our clients are our top priority.

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