Are you trying to attract more business from the UK and Europe?  Over the next 15 years, global tourism will undergo unprecedented growth. With that growth will come massive change. There will be winners and losers. Competition for travellers will intensify as will attention for capital, air routes, infrastructure and investment. Traditional marketing channels will disrupt at an even faster pace. Yet getting the fundamentals of tourism — uniquely defining tourism for destinations — will be critical to succeeding and getting more than their fair, but sustainable share.

At Axis we understand these issues and disruptive forces and strive to provide our travel industry clients with innovative solutions and marketing support.

Our representation model provides an office on the ground for our overseas clients.  Our team become part of your team with one common goal of driving business and showing results.

We have a reputation for our commitment, dedication and results achieved for our current and past clients including securing new direct air lift, continually increasing tour operator coverage and increasing visitor numbers year on year.

Being an extension to your office, we will use your headed stationary, business cards, and also set up a dedicated phone line should you require.

We will send you an in-market analysis each month giving detailed insights into the local economy and industry and steer you on the right brand building strategy to grow your business.

Our key objective is to significantly increase your presence and in-turn your business from Europe.

Our services include:

  • Industry liaison (tour operators, travel agents, event planners, PCO’s, venue finders, congress organisers, associations, airlines, media)
  • Destination training and sales conversion incentives
  • Qualification of buyers for fams and events
  • Coordination of Fam Trips
  • Coordination and representation at trade shows & workshops
  • Coordination of roadshows and sales missions
  • Management of event planner and tour operator databases
  • Analysis of new business targets and opportunities
  • Brochure fulfilment services
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Direct mailshots
  • Marketing development
  • Brand development

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