June 2020 News

On the trail of Wine, Whales & Whisky in Nova Scotia

19th June 2020

With its rich marine life and tantalising land-based food and drink adventures it’s a small wonder Eastern Canada’s province of Nova Scotia is such a sure-fire hit with lovers of gastronomy and the great outdoors.    Nova Scotia offers the perfect blend of natural wonders and gastronomic adventures and seldom is this more evident than on…

Get ‘Trapped’ by Nova Scotia’s Lobster Crawl!

19th June 2020

Although lobster is available 365 days a year in Nova Scotia, Canada, prime lobster fishing season takes place in the winter between November and May. The Atlantic waters off the southwestern coast of Nova Scotia are among the richest in the world and account for approximately 40% of all lobster caught in Canada each year. Once considered a poor man’s…

Achieve ‘peak’ wellness in Italy’s Aosta Valley

19th June 2020

Italy’s smallest region is the perfect place for wellness lovers and active travellers alike to pamper their mind, body and soul in inspiringly scenic surroundings    While best known for its epic snow resorts and majestic peaks the Aosta Valley, or Valle d'Aosta, in north-western Italy also packs a punch in the wellness world. Whether the focus of…

Hiking at Aosta Valley: discover stunning alpine landscapes, history and more...

19th June 2020

With life being slower than usual and whilst we are not travelling yet, we wanted to highlight some of the trails which make Aosta Valley a hikers paradise. Numerous trails surrounded by 4,000 metre summits, featuring beautiful chapels, delightful hamlets, alpine nature and spectacular mountain vistas await for you – here is a sample to inspire you!    Cammino Balteo: …

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